THF Grants For Skateparks Available

A Decade Of Funding Skateparks

Tony Hawk Foundation grants for public skateparks available now.

Now in its tenth year helping fund public skateparks, the Tony Hawk Foundation launches its Summer 2011 grant season today. Municipalities and community groups throughout the United States will be applying to earn not only the cash, but the credibility of being in the select group of THF Skatepark Grant Recipients.

Tony Hawk Foundation grants are available for the construction of free, quality public skateparks serving at-risk youth in low-income communities in the U.S. The deadline to apply for a Tony Hawk Foundation Skatepark Grant for the Summer 2011 season is July 1. This will be the last opportunity to apply for a THF grant until 2012.

Just like facilities for more traditional sports, skateparks should be free and accessible. The Tony Hawk Foundation favors grassroots projects that involve skaters in the planning and design of the park, and that seek to build quality and durable skateparks that don't require fees or memberships to use. Full details about Tony Hawk Foundation grant criteria are available on the Foundation's Web site.