This Is My Element, Tours and Seminars

Irvine, CA (February 2, 2010) – Element announces the launch of it's "This Is My Element Tours and Seminars" micro-site.

The mission of This Is My Element Tours and Seminars is to teach and motivate young people through educational and vocational mentoring, in order to develop a greater awareness and the tools to lead successful lives.

Having done countless tours and seminars for more than a decade with this ongoing initiative, Element has proudly launched a site solely dedicated to the betterment of it's youth mentoring initiative.

Element's Founder and President, Johnny Schillereff and staff have mentored the youth and provided programs to instill ambition and optimism, since the brand's inception. "A big part of my motivation to create Element was given to me by a speaker at my high school during some challenging times in my life, so it's become important to me to encourage the youth in the same way," says Schillereff. "We've taken a positive and active role mentoring the youth for many years now and know first hand that it makes an incredible difference."

For years now Element has been inviting local youth to have a look inside the day to day workings of the Element brand. Internal visits start with a tour of the Element facility located in Irvine, Ca., followed by one on one conversations with Element staff and team riders. The tour finishes with a brand presentation and lunch. The external seminar component of this initiative involves visits to local schools wherein Johnny Schillereff recounts his struggles and successes in hopes of inspiring others to lead successful lives.

"You can see the positive effect this presentation has made on our students from their comments and letters they've written," said Estancia High School's Principal, Phil J. D'Agostino. "I've never seen our students more engaged and moved by any presentation. Your company and staff have motivated our students to reach for their dreams despite any obstacles. Element is an outstanding example of what can be accomplished when a business is willing to reach out to their community and lead by example."

This Is My Element Tours and Seminars feature Element staff, advocates and athlete speakers, combined with educational and vocational workshops. "Your presentation was awesome," Eric, a student from Costa Mesa, Ca., wrote to Element. "You've shown me that hard work, discipline, sacrifice and heart can make anything happen. You've opened a new window from which to see the world."