This Is The News 4.30.01

DC Shoots Its Second Television Commercial

On April 21st, film crews and policemen blocked off the streets of downtown LA to set the scene for what may be one of the best skateboarding commercials to date. DC’s Rob Dyrdek was chosen to play himself in the starring role, which is always guaranteed entertainment. The commercial is scheduled to air on television in June. DC will be releasing more video and behind-the-scene clips from last weekend’s shoot in the future. “I was blown away by Rob’s performance at the shoot, and think the commercial is going to be off the hook,” said Colin McKay.

Kris and Susan Markovich just moved to Fullerton where they purchased a house with a swimming pool and a front yard for a future mini ramp. They seem really happy about their new Crib.

Kenny Reed, Chad Tim Tim and Ricki Bedenbaugh are skipping the Vancouver

thing this year and going to Chicago to do a week long filming trip in the Windy City for the New Deal video, “Accelerated Evolution“.

Satori is sending Jake Rupp, Tony Cox, and Lucian Moon to Japan on May 12th.

Rob Pluhowski is now on DVS Shoe Company as an am rider.

If you've been paying attention lately, you have seen that Active Mail Order has been putting together a sick team. Currently they sponsor Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Daewon Song, Steve Berra, Kenny Anderson, Adrian Lopez, Mark Appleyard, Alex “Trainwreck” Gall, and Austin Stephens. Click on one of their banners currently running on the site for more info on their riders.

Movement Bearings! It’s new, it’s now. There is not a whole lot of news about them except they’re good bearings and they come in a neat box. As of right now the team is Kenny Anderson, Chad Tim Tim, Ryan Kenrich, Aaron Suski, Stacy Lowery, Steffan Attardo

Mr. Salman Agah will be entering his first MX race next weekend in Livermore. He is finished with his Black Label part as well as warming up for Vancouver he said he’s going to start filming now for the next BLKLBL video. His new shoe is out.

Steffan Attardo's first pro model board is being cut right now on Santa Cruz. You will see Steff and his little pants “and big hair” in 411 #41 on the Accel. Tour and “controlled chaos”. Steff was asked if his hair is still growing or if he’s gonna keep it that length. His reply, “That’s stupid naw... I’m keep’n it this length”.

Danny Montoya has a shoe out recently on Adio. he said the Rhythm and Adio videos are out or out soon? Mondukes will also be doing a tour to the north with Adio soon. Danny’s not sure if he’s going to Vancouver.

Kristian Svitak is going to Poland with a group of other Polish skaters. He will also be tolerated in these places: Vancouver, Cleveland, Germany, Denmark, Alaska, GIANT tour in ENGLAND “god save the queen” and Switzerland. Kristian’s done filming his BLKLBL part and you can catch him in whatever 411 that’s gonna have the Accel Tour. “If any of you ladies want to buy a lock of his silky, blond, hair, please send $22.00 plus S&H to Accel. ATTN: “Kristians Hair”

The Next Cup rolled through Carlsbad this weekend. Matt Worley was the victor in the sponsored division.

Foundation has a new website up. The objective was to create something dynamic (changes on reload) and easily updateable but that wasn’t going to take VC funding to make happen. The beginnings of the new site are up. They mean beginnings because they have plans other than the typical products and rider profiles. Lot’s more coming including videos, history, photos, artwork, State of the Skate and World’s Biggest Skateboard, plus more.

Progression VM> #5 will be in stores in early May (to see some sneak peaks of issue #5, go to and check some quicktime movies). #6 is in the works now and will feature a Think road trip from San Francisco all the way to Vancouver, Canada. Progression Senior Staff Filmer Grant Schubert will be departing San Francisco on the 27th of April and will be returning the 9th of May. Think team riders that are inked in for this one are as follows, Pat Duffy, Dan Drehobl, Jesse Peaz, Jake Nunn, Brett Margaritis and Pancho Moler. To see who else is lined up for PVM #6 go to

Willy’s First Annual Amateur Skateboard contest was held at Willy's Workshop on April 8th, 2001. Brian Sumner was the emcee and the judges were Dan Rogers, John Reeves, Dave Mayhew and Kanten Russell. Hundreds of spectators came out to support the local amateurs. Willy expects to have this event every year, maybe even bi-yearly.

For more info go to The sponsored division winner was Austin Seaholm.

Florida’s newest public park in St. Augustine is completed and open to the public. Although the Robert Laryn Skatepark’s grand opening is not scheduled until June 2nd, Team Pain has completed the job and pulled the fence down. Word of mouth has found the park packed with skaters, curious parents and the members of Project Skate (the organization that made the park possible) every day since it’s completion. This weekend’s opening saw skaters from all over Florida, around the south, and other places. Along with amped skaters from St. John’s county, the park was visited by the likes of Buck Smith, Paul Schmitt, and more rippers than can be mentioned.