This Is The News 5.14.01


Tim O’Connor now rides for Savier Shoes and Stefan Janoski is on the team as their only am.

Vita pulled the plug. It’s official. Reese Forbes seems to be the last of their former pros still looking for a new shoe sponsor.

The Satori Wheels web site is completed and up…..check it out

Some of the Expedition team including Karl Watson, Stefan Janoski, Kyle Leeper, Richard Angelides, and Soichiro Nakajima were filming a good chunk of there new video project in Japan for the last two weeks. The police did stop them a few times while skating some of the best marble spots in the world to say “be careful don’t get hurt”. That was a great change from California cops.

Speaking of CA cops.  PJ Ladd had his eyes on his board when a 75 year old security guard rushed at him and tried to grab him from the front. As he stepped into PJ’s path he put a foot on the swiftly moving board and took a nasty fall. Breaking his leg and shoulder. PJ was immediately apprehended and put in the Sacramento county jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He’s free now and awaiting some court bullshit.

Jay Thorpe rides for Baker Boards now.

Pete Eldridge is on Zoo York.

Alex Gall is on Emerica.

Jim Greco switched to Vans.

Richie Belton is on Ricta.

Tony Trujillo is a fresh recruit for 1984 Clothing.

Who is Nathan Kocaka? He recently showed up on the Droors am roster along with Stefan Janoski.

Ronson Lambert from Encinitas, Ca is dNA’s new am, look for his ad in the September issue of Transworld.

The Chicago New Deal trip was cancelled. Instead Ricky Oyola, Kenny Reed, Chad Tim Tim, and Ricki Bedenbaugh are going to Spain for 2 weeks for a filming trip. No plans at all just going to film. They have no idea where they are staying or what the plan is, I guess that’s what makes the trip so rad.

The Circa Europe tour has it’s own website.


Adidas skate team members Lance Mountain and Matt Beach were two in a group of skaters and a film crew who spent 3 weeks overseas to film, street skate, and compete in Spain for the Around the World Tour. Lance was injured a few days into the shoot so he couldn’t enter the contest. Matt got 2nd in Street. One thing Lance noticed was that even

though skateboarding’s participation numbers are growing, you can tell it’s still a novelty in Spain. “It’s like skating was here in California in the 80’s,” Lance said. “In Spain, people seemed impressed by street skateboarding. We could skate banks and transitions in front of even police stations and people would stop and watch us. They were genuinely interested.”

Adidas’ Paulo Diaz finished the LA Skate Rally in 1 1/2 hours. He was one of three top finishers in the skate rally held last week in LA. Skaters started at 8:00 pm at the XL store in Hollywood in April. The finish was at a Grand Royal party held at Lush in Santa Monica where MixMaster Mike DJ’d.

Pete Connally, author of “Skate Europe” is getting ready to set off and write about the skateparks of the western USA. This will be his second book that covers traveling and skateparks.


At The Sound and the Fury two weeks ago, Danny Wallace, who’s on flow from Circa and Alpha, won best trick with a nollie heel crook on the table on the pyramid. Results for factory guys are

1. Joshua Mohs

2. Austen Seaholm

3. Greg Lutzka

4. Josh Falk

5. Tyler Bledsoe

6. Ruben Garcia

7. J.T. Aultz

8. Patrick Melcher

9. Alex Bland

10. Guy Hartley


1. CCindy Gorset

2. Lauren Mollica

3. Jamie Reyes


Etnies held a huge contest at Skater Island late in April The factory finalists were: 
1st Andrew Batista
2nd Pete Eldridge
3rd Jereme Rogers

Slam City Jam went off the hook a week ago. Eric Koston narrowly edged out new comer Colt Cannon for the first place honors in street. Chad Bartie won the big rail best trick with a fs nollie lipslide out the gap to the “Martha Stewart” rail. Malcolm Watson did a fancy ledge trick to win the best trick on the ledge. And Alex Chalmers blew up the snow pit jump category. Bob Burnquist made history by getting the highest score ever dished out in a WCS sanctioned event. A 99 ever so close to 100. the run was a mind blower and Bob rightfully won the contest.


In the August 2001 issue, TransWorld SKATEboarding erroneously reported that had shut down. In fact it didn’t shut down, but rather scaled down. Log on when you get a chance. Also Black Label’s Mike V. still works for Skateboarder.