“Hey peoples ,, Thomas Campbell here ,,, I have been slowly working on a 16mm skate film called Y.O.D. – Ye Olde Destruction …. For almost 6 years now with a solid grip of shredders building a bit and skating DIY action, mostly but not totally. Gonna try to finish this film by the beginning of next year. Here we are unveiling a grass roots fund raising campaign with a lot of amazing visual artists that did original art moves on completely un refined skateboard blanks to raise some funds to get film processed and transferred and get this project completed. Making movies on film is kind of crazy financially in 2017. But the results will be a real treat i believe. My plan is to make a limited edition small hardcover book with images from the film and a download number for the movie inside – pictures taken by Brian Gaberman, Arto Saari, Jai Tanju, Joe Brook and myself. After the book comes out, eventually the film will be released free on Um Yeah Arts vimeo page for all to enjoy. The band No Age will be making an original soundtrack for the film and i hope to release a vinyl record offering of those recordings also on Um Yeah Arts. If you purchase one of these at art planks, you will be mentioned in the back of the film and book for supporting this project and you will receive both the book and the vinyl if we can swing that in the end. Here is a sample of some of the first offerings of the painted raw blanks we will be putting up for auction over the next few months. Im trying to keep this project unsponsored by any companies. So it remains uninhibited in its creative nature and more of a visual gift back to skateboarding. Supported by the community and for the community. Here is a list of the artistic peeps that lent talented hands to the project – Todd Francis, John Herndon, Evan Hecox, Andy Jenkins, Barry Mcgee, Simone Shubuck, Richard Colman, Tim Kerr, Neil Blender, Ed Templeton, Cody Hudson, Ron Cameron, Jenny Sharaf, Russ Pope, Sean Cliver, Tod Swank, Chris Reed, Fernando Elvira, Steve Claar, Mat O’brien Natas Kaupas, Lori Damiano, Thomas Campbell, Jason Arnold, Jay Howell, Nathaniel Russell, Max Schaaf, Todd Bratrud, Brian Lotti, Geoff Mcfetridge, Jeff Canham, Jim Houser. So to say the least it takes a village. This film will be a @umyeaharts project ,, Thanks to everyone , i really appreciate the support ?- excited to share the film. Thanx to @creachurelee For the blank support among other stuff.

Auction Link

Here is a list of the rippers that will be featured in the film Evan Smith, Jon Dixon Jason Adams, Rick McCrank, Max Schaaf, Dennis Busenitz, Caswell Berry, Brent Atchley Arto Saari, Jason Jessee, Elisa Steamer, Zack Wallin, Ray Barbee, Nick Garcia, Al Partanen, Jeremy Leabres, Jackson Pilz, Zarosh Eggleston, Ben Raemers, Chris Russell, Keegan Sauder, Aron Suski, Mark Suciu, Brandon Nguyen, Roger Mihalko, Taylor Bingaman, Javier Mendizabal, Raven Tershy, Louie Barletta, Collin Provost, among others.”

Thomas filming Caswell Berry. Photo: Jai Tanju

Some planks up for auction!