Tim’s Biznass Sense

Every once in a while there’s a glitch in the matrix and some of the wackest people known to mankind slip through the cracks and into the world of skateboarding. There are times when these people are actually motivated enough to manipulate the peons around them and influence the kids of this beautiful planet.

At the same time, they’re sometimes able to influence more than just the kids. These easily influenced people are known as dumbasses who can’t think for themselves. These dumbasses suck-and fuel this negative fire even more. All of this gives a person a sort of power to wield something that should’ve never been in their possession in the first place. Although, I must give it up to the man who’s able to pull this horseshit off and make a pretty penny from the whole deal. But “F” money in the grand scheme of things, ’cause just like OC said, “I rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect.”

Thank god, or whatever created all of this crud, that this type of situation is only temporary and that the right people are able to once again reclaim control of the influence factor. If the right people aren’t putting out videos on the constant and there’s a small void to be filled during this time, the snakes’ll rear their ugly heads to try and take command. They’re eventually squashed like petty bugs when the truly righteous step up and show everyone what’s up and how things are supposed to be. A recent DVD did a wonderful job of righting things. I would name names if I could, but I’m sure TransWorld SKATEboarding Business wouldn’t let me, so I must refrain from the disgust that I’d love to vent. If you read through the lines, you’ll know what I’m talking about anyway.

Some of the tactics that these impostors use is to get an army of geeks to skate for them, making them jump down big handrails and then editing their harsh footy to cheesy pep-rally-type songs like “Eye Of The Tiger.” I guess if you’re dumb enough, you’ll fall for this crap, and if you do, you’re basically dead inside if you ask me. It’s such a simple formula and takes very little thought, but there’re more than enough dumb people out there who’ll buy into this pop-music level of skateboarding. With the influx of money into skateboarding, you have to be more on your guard than ever before to stop these bottom-feeders before they rise to a power that’s constantly in your face and flat-out annoying-not to mention heartbreaking.

As far as I can tell, we’re coming out of a dark era. Thanks must be given to those in pursuit of what’s proper. So thank you Girl, Flip, the company I ride for-Habitat-Alien Workshop, and to anyone else I’ve left out that really knows what the hell’s going on. Always throw hate at what’s whack and crush it, or like I’ve said before, you’re dead inside if you don’t.