TJ Rogers On Billabong

Billabong is proud to welcome Canadian skateboarder TJ Rogers to the team.
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“I’ve known TJ for many years,” said Billabong Skate Team Manager Rodney Johnson. “The first time I ran into him he was a little kid. I was on tour in Toronto. My team, the filmer/photographer and myself couldn’t figure out how this little guy was everywhere at all the demos and at the street spots at like 1 or 2 a.m. No matter what he was there! It was like that movie Beetlejuice. Say his name a few times and he would pop up out of the bushes or he’d be skating across the street to hang with us. He wasn’t disrespectful or anything; but we couldn’t figure him out. Back then he wasn’t as seasoned of a skater that he is now; but his sheer determination/PMA and the love for skateboarding has put him in the position he’s in now in the skateboard world! He knows the meaning of work! I’m proud to finally have a chance to work with him as a grown ass man!”



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