Toebee Parkhurst On Hoodlum

Hoodlum skateboard co. would like to announce the addition of skateboarder Toebee Parkhurst to their pro roster. Alongside current Hoodlum pros Malcolm Watson and Gary Smith, Toebee plans to be a driving force behind Hoodlum’s East Coast based operation. “At this point in my career it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and make the switch to an East Coast brand. What I want out of skateboarding is the same thing I’ve always wanted, to travel and skate with my friends. HDLM is the right place for me,” Toebee says. Check out Toebee’s board in shops by Christmas. Also, be on the watch in 2007 for the HDLM pro and am team on tour. They will be filming for a fall release promo DVD. For more information visit