Tons of Team News, Beast Of The East, Little Ruler


Hellrose has announced their am team. Thomas Bonilla, Paul Otvos, and Jarred Saba are the new recruits.


Paul Machnau has arrived in Los Angeles to get out of the pouring rain that is the Vancouver winter and plans to film an entire video part in the 2 weeks he is there. Sven Kilchenmann has recently left LA to go to Costa Rica with his buddies.

Mike Hastie is heading out to Montreal for surgery. We wish a quick recovery for the Mike, with hopes he will be back to doing nollie crooks in no time.


Corey, James, Markovich and am’s Grant Patterson and Aaron Artis are off to Sydney to meet up with Aussie super am Jake Duncolm for twelve days of power filming during the summer down under. Ronnie Creager is skating full on working hard on his video part. The editing has already begun.


This month Legacy took their first ever filming trip to good old Miami, Florida. Everyone on the team was present bar Justin Strubing who is still finishing up his stay in his second home Barcelona, Spain. The trip was much of a success with everyone taking a good chunk out of many of the great spots Miami has to offer and Mike O Meally was on hand to document just about all of it. Keep a look out for the Legacy team in your home town, you never know where they might pop up next filming for their new video.


On the enjoi front, the team is leisurely filming for the video, Jerry Hsu is going to Argentina for plastic surgery and will be clothing his recently augmented body in the garments of WE. Caswell Berry is going to Peru and Panama.

Jose Rojo in the process of shooting photos, for Interviews. Tony Manfre is still lost in the back woods of Canada. Louie Barletta has a 20 questions coming out in the next TransWorld. Busy boys, it’s not all bicycle rides and Morrissey concerts you know.

World Industries

Chad Bartie has returned from being over in Barcelona filming for the last 4 months and in good health after having knee surgery ,and has been out filming for the upcoming Globe shoes video. Mike Crum is in training for the upcoming training season and rumors are flying about of a Mike Crum pro shoe. Graham Bickerstaff has been getting out of bed everyday at 9 AM to tag along on Blind team filming missions and getting some decent footage by all accounts. Enrique Lorenzo has been living in the states for the past 4 months but will be returning to Barcelona for a month to work on his new project for the upcoming new Digital video. Carlos de Andrade has also returned from his home land of Brazil after being stuck on account of visa problems but is happy to be back in the U.S.A. and skating. Mike Peterson is at home in Florida, skating and wrestling alligators.

Toy Machine

If you’re living in London, you’re gonna be pshyched!  Josh Harmony, Austin Stephens and JLay will be visting the UK for the Cross Fire Christmas Skate Jam on December 11th.  An arena sized skateboarding event that promoters are expecting will be thousands of pounds of fun.  Check with your local London area shops for more details on the event.

Johnny Layton has also been busy filming at full force for the first-ever Vans video. 

Ed Templeton has an art show in London, starting January 20th 2005.


Matt Allen now rides for Mada Clothing.

The World’s Biggest Skateboard has finally been accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records! The qualifications and details for record attempts are very exact and specific—World Titles are very serious.  Foundation Skateboards’ Tod Swank is now a very proud World Record holder.  Look in the next issue 2005 for our record.  You can also check out  for the actual certificate, sizes, video clips, photos and more.  Plus, stay tuned for a world record sized press release in the very near future.

U.S.A. Beast of The East Championship 7 sees another successful yeaar of amateur skateboarding

United Skateboarding Association (U.S.A.) and Zoo York Skateboards present “U.S.A.’s Beast of The East Championship 7 this weekend November 19 — 21 at East Coast Terminal Skatepark in Johnson City, NY. Qualifiers for the Beast of The East Championship are made of skaters from Chicago to Montreal to Florida,

Since 1998, U.S.A. has been instrumental in setting the pace for amateur skateboarding events. “The Beast of The East is U.S.A.’s elite series where sponsored amateurs and Skateshop/Park-sponsored skaters do battle from April — October each year.

The past seven years “U.S.A.’s Beast of The East Series has helped locate and develop a lot of top amateur talent. U.S.A. also hosts the GROM amateur contest series that focuses on the less experienced skaters 13 years old and younger. Part of U.S.A.’s success has been attributed to fostering growth within its target market — the Northeastern United States.

Little Ruler

Toddlers may be too little to skate, but now they can look like they do.   

A recently launched website —– focuses striclty on infant and toddler clothing from brands like Independent Truck Company, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell, Thrasher, Vans, Skateboarding Is Not a Crime, Santa Monica Airlines and more.  

Little Ruler was founded by Jeff Kendall and his wife Maureen.

“A good percentage 6 million plus skaters of the 80’s generation have or are having kids.  Seeing our kids in the custom skate stuff we’ve had made in the past and seeing the reactions of others made us realize something needed to be done,” said Jeff.  “It’s so nice to open my kids’ clothing drawers and see them dominated by a bunch of skate t’s!”

Maureen is a stay-at-home mom of their two children and runs the day-to-day operations from their San Jose, Calif. home.

Little Ruler products are available at