Chromeball sits down with Tony Hawk for an epic, in-depth interview. Take the time and dive in!

Along these similar lines, how real versus played up in the media was the feud between you and Danny Way?
I think it was definitely exaggerated. It's funny because I'd see Danny, we'd skate together and everything would be fine. But after the fact, I'd hear something negative about it.

From my perspective, it always seemed like it was the people surrounding him who were more outspoken. Like, I remember going to a skateshop once where I ran into one of his bros who, out of nowhere, said something like, "Yo, Danny beat you!"


Stuff like that actually happened. (laughs)

It was like we were rival gangs in The Warriors or something. It was really strange. And I gotta admit that some of my friends probably got a little mixed up in it as well.

Didn't it all start with a game of SKATE?
Yeah, there was an event going on at McGill's and a bunch of us were there playing a game of SKATE. I was just kinda going along with it, not really thinking about strategy or anything… just kinda doing it. Danny ended up winning and, for whatever reason, that really seemed to resonate across the hardcore skate industry. That's when people really started to jump on this supposed rivalry.

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