Tony Hawk Is Furious

In November of last year, Tony Hawk left his longtime truck sponsor, Tracker, to help establish the new, Fury Truck Company. After much anticipation, Fury began shipping its innovative truck last fall. “No one was making any leaps in truck technology,” says Hawk. “It was long overdue.”

Hawk believes that the important role of trucks in skateboarding is often overlooked: “I’m hoping to spark some interest in the truck market, give it a new life. Trucks are one of the most important pieces of a setup, but people are more aware of your eyewear sponsor than your truck sponsor.”

Hawk joins an all-star cast on the Fury team, which also includes Rune Glifberg, Chad Muska, Geoff Rowley, and Mike Vallely. Team Manager Lance Mountain says that the roster is growing, but that he’s not interested in building a huge team. He feels the company is much better represented by a small core of top riders. “Everyone on the team brings legitimacy to the product through their skating,” he says. “Tony’s just one of the guys on the team who sets the standards of skateboarding.”

Mountain believes that the unique properties of the Fury truck will encourage skaters to once again think of trucks as turning devices, broadening the experience of skateboarding for kids. “It can bring in the movement and the turning of skateboarding, and cause kids to want to do it longer. Most trucks turn on a straight pivot, so therefore they turn and stop. Fury trucks don’t stop.”

The Fury truck’s defining feature is the patented Ballpoint pivot, a machined pivot point designed for smoother and more precise turning. The patented Hexlock base-mounting hardware holes grip hardware nuts for wrench-free mounting and protect them from grinds and slides. Cast-in axles are slip-free, and pre-angled hangers offer a solid grinding surface. Aircraft Grade 8 kingpins hold the custom dual conical urethane bushings, and all Fury trucks come with a thin anti-vibration gaskets bonded to the baseplate.

Fury trucks are available in 7.75, 8.0, and 8.5-inch widths.

Miki Vuckovich