Tony Hawk’s Cupcakes

Yup, you can buy Tony Hawk’s fav cupcakes and help the Tony Hawk Foundation all at the same time. And if you’re in San Diego, Tony will be at Sprinkles La Jolla this Friday.

“Tony Hawk is partnering with Sprinkles Cupcakes to sell a charitable cupcake in his name. The Tony Hawk Cinnamon Sugar Cupcake will be sold at all ten national Sprinkles locations, including their store in New York City (780 Lexington Ave), from September 21 to the 23. 100-percent of the proceeds from the Tony Hawk cupcakes will be donated to the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Tony Hawk will also be making an appearance at Sprinkles La Jolla along with Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, on September 21st from 1 to 3 PM.”