“After a rainy Saturday in Toronto, Mother Nature was kind enough to give us another chance and brought us a beautiful sunny Sunday at the Ashbridges skate park. Tons of kids came back on Sunday, to either skate the contest or to watch the contest and support their friends competing. The event went really well. Great skating and good vibe. The Bait shop did a solid good job promoting the event and gathering the best Toronto skateboarders.
We had roughly 35 entries. After an existing qualifier, we did a final with the top 6 dudes. Three of those 6 skaters are best friends and they always skate together. So I guess it’s not a surprise to see them all in the top three. It wasn’t an easy decision because all 3 homies were killing it, they destroyed the park. Clean style, tech tricks and incredible consistency. Watch out for those kids people, these guys are coming after you and they are under 17 years old. OUCH!”—Alex Bastide

1st Ben Patterson
2nd Chad Wilson
3rd Jon Cos