Toronto Winter Skating

“Skateboarding in Toronto, Canada in the winter is next to impossible to skate, there are 2 places to go, abandon factories and and the path, I dont know if you already know about this place but if you don’t it’s a hidden gem of indoor skate spots, if you dont believe me, check these two videos about it.

This place is underground and conncects all of Toronto’s stores, so after 5 o’clock on weekends, the place goes deserted and is only left with a couple of mingling security gaurds, some quick feet to run away from security, a filmer and a bag of tricks is all you need to ride the 27 kms of smooth endless skatespot and no need to bring a coat in here because its all heated. I’m not asking for anything materialistic and I’m not planning on you to put this in youre mag all I ask is you check this place out, it’s called The Path and it’s in Toronto.”—an email from Aaron M.