TransWorld Booth Rocks the Triple Crown

By Jack Spilberg

The TransWorld SKATEboarding booth was a rockin’ as the X-box Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding/BMX was a hopin’. Fans of all ages got the chance to win insane prizes at this year’s biggest skateboard and BMX event. Kids walked away with decks, wheels, sunglasses, pink trucks, posters, t-shirts, and more for answering trivia, hitting bulls eyes, coming up with raps and original song lyrics, throwing down old-school skate tricks, and anything else the TransWorld staff could come up with to tame the hoards of screaming kids. Joico was up in the house, providing samples of their super glue stiff, blue hair gel during the goofball spiked hair and Mohawk contest. Thanks to Tracker, Foundation, Clive, Oakley, Joico, Etnies, and Drive-Through Records for making the TransWorld Triple Crown booth off the hook.