Transworld Media Joins With IMG To Expand Board Aid Charity Event

Board AID, the largest and most respected charity event in the board-sports industry, is teaming with IMG for Board AID 2000, a “Festival Of Awareness.” Board AID is the original on-mountain snowboarding /skateboarding/live-music event, the first-ever benefit of its kind. Board AID for LIFEbeat is the way the board-sport industry gives back to the community; in seven years the charity has raised over $696,000, which has been donated to LIFEbeat. LIFEbeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS, grants money to organizations that provide prevention, education, and direct services to thousands of HIV and AIDS infected or at-risk young people.

This year Transworld Foundation has contracted with TransWorld Media andIMG taking Board AID to the next level with two three-day events in Southern California, March 10¿12 and Colorado, April 7¿9. “Board AID is TransWorld’s opportunity to educate and give something back to our world,” says Fran Richards, general manager of TransWorld Media. The last Board AID event was attended by more than 9,000 spectators and reached more than 170-million television viewers worldwide, along with five-million print-media readers.

To become involved with Board AID 2000, please contact TransWorld Media:

Ph. (760) 722-7777
Louise Balma (x131)
Laurie Bergthold (x117)
Steve Luther (x192).

Click here to check out the Board Aid website.