Words by Tim Goldstein. Photos by Josh Hunter and Tim Goldstein.

Last week some of Transworld's sales reps and Transworld Business editors took a road trip in Central Florida and paid a visit to a few skate shops in the area that were down to get some people together for a skate jam. The first stop was Inlet Charley's II in Edgewater. We showed up around 2p.m. and were surprised to see about 30 kids already skating the mini ramp in the back and the obstacles in the driveway. More kids showed up as the day progressed and were stoked to get free T-shirts and DVDs each time they nailed a trick, won a game of SKATE or ate sh-t on the quarter pipe.

The best trick went to the long haired homey who axle stalled his Jeep Cherokee on the edge of the driveway leaving it stuck there teetering for a while before we had to help push it back onto solid ground. Skaters who were holding it down were Matt Dement, Matt Smith, Adam Paleski, Thomas Wood, Seth Wheatley, Seth Keller, Shamon Burton, and Jalin Burton. You guys killed it and made it all worthwhile.

Thanks go out to James and Joe at ILC for hooking all of this up and getting the kids hyped on the event! Be sure to stop by ILC II at 2015 S. Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater, FL 32141 or call (386) 428-9109.  We look forward to next year.

Next stop was Disk8 in Melbourne, Florida. Shop owner David Dunlap had a few of his team riders passing out flyers for this event for weeks and it paid off as tons of skaters came from all over. We rolled up to see the entire front lot of the shopping center blocked off with a stage and a few tents set up with food and energy drinks for everyone. Even the cops were there on time to try and ruin the day. There were plenty of obstacles to skate but the favorites were the ramp to picnic table, ramp to old dirty couch or launch ramp over old dirty couch.

On stage, phenom rapper Emcee Phino blew the crowd away with dope ass lyrics about taking hip hop back. Sh-t was epic! I got the single. Also, Simone got the crowd rocking with a few of her songs as well.

About 50-plus kids showed up to skate and everyone was hyped and rocking their new Transworld shirts. Local skater "Limey" was owning every obstacle and landing most of his tricks on the picnic table with buttery bluntslides and boardslide fakies. Other local skaters who held it down were Pat who was stomping big backside 180s over the couch, Barry who was tré flipping his balls off over the old dirty couch, Andrew King's big spin boardslide on the flat bar, Davie Watson's frontside nosegrind 180 out on the couch, B.B.'s kickflip frontside boardslide on the flat bar, Jay's ollie north over the couch, Ryan White's board transfer over the ol' dirty couch and Greg Claxton's 360 flips on demand, just to name a few.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up and skated all day and special thanks to David and Margaret Dunlap for getting the ball rolling and allowing this to happen. Hit Disk8 up at 1270 N. Wickam Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935 or call (321) 255-0140.—Tim Goldstein