TransWorld SKATEboarding Business April 2001 (Volume 12 Number 5)


Industry News
Dogtown And Z Boys rules the Sundance Film Festival, and Patch sets new distance-jump record.

IASC Update
Safety First Or Last?

New Skateparks
All the latest North American skateparks.

Ten Shops, One Question
How much does your shop charge for skate decks?


Jeff Harbaugh asks if maybe it’s time to think about it.

CCS Dotcom
Small-town surf shop hires whiz kid and turns into e-commerce giant.

Promotional Avenues
There are countless ways to build your shop’s business.

Powell Skateboards
After 25 years, George Powell is still building boards for every skater.

Entertainment Marketing
Product placement is a double-edged sword.

Rabble Rousing Part II
Planning the skatepark campaign.

Fall 2000 Retailer Survey
See who’s on top as shops report their results.

A Near-Perfect World
Company ramps keep employees happy and teamriders on top of their game.

The Great White North
Canada’s got its own thing going.

Active Rideshop
Southern California retailer sets the tone in the new millennium.

Blowing Up Baker
Reynolds and company cultivate gutter-chic brand.

Living In America
How foreign skaters are getting their U.S. work visas.