TransWorld SKATEboarding Business January 2001 (Volume 12 Number 4)


Industry News January 2001
Pros skate for charity, East Coast am contests go off, Globe goes interactive, Salman Agah has a new shoe, and skaters land new sponsors.

IASC Update
IASC/World Cup National Amateur Skateboard Championships┬┐a return to greatness?

Ten Shops, One Question
Do customers buy apparel based on style and brand, or are they most concerned with quality and features?

New Skateparks
All the latest North American skateparks.

Goings On
Click here for trade events,
and here for contests.

Buy, sell, hire.

Comprehensive North American skatepark directory.


Sam And The Gradunzel-Eating Monster
Jeff Harbaugh spins a fairy tale (hopefully).

Merge, Inc.
Apparel maker gets back to business.

Dotbiz And Other Computer Jargon
New Internet suffixes will help categorize URLs.

Function Before Fashion
Skateboarders making clothing for skateboarding.

Rabble Rousing
The politics of skatepark development.

Gleaming The Stone
Volcom is what Volcom does.

Sorting Out The UK
British skaters seek independence from the U.S.

Not Exactly A Swiss Bank Account
International licensing agreements make more sense now than ever.