TransWorld SKATEboarding Business November 2000 (Volume 12 Number 3)


Industry News And Recent Team Changes
Tony Hawk is now a cartoon, and Split Girl gets the ladies on board.

Shoe Company News
Etnies builds a skatepark, and Reef rounds out its new management.

Retailer Tips
Focus on retaining your customer base.

IASC Update
So what? Who cares? What’s in it for me? Jim Fitzpatrick wants to know.

Ten Shops, One Question
Does your shop have a Web site?

New Skateparks
See the latest here. See the rest at


What the Dutch is Jeff Harbaugh talking about?

Fall 2000 ASR Trade Expo
The meaning of action sports broadens, as does the show.

New Product Offerings At ASR
Same as it ever was at the fall trade show in San Diego.

Glissexpo 2000
Glissexpo and ASR trade shows share as many differences as similarities.

Who owns your logo?

Brazil’s New Way
Famous for its bootlegs, Brazil develops strong domestic brands and broadens U.S. imports.

Brazilian Distributors Speak Out
Three domestic suppliers talk about the challenges of manufacturing and distributing skateboard equipment in Brazil.

Building A Subterranean Infrastructure
Concrete-park builders are constructing a solid future for skateboarding.

Test Ride: Core Versus Disc
What’s the difference?

Comparative Durometers
We’ve charted it out so you don’t have to.

Sidewalk Surfer
Desert retailer weathers the heat for over two decades.


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