TransWorld SKATEboarding Business October 2000 (Volume 12 Number 2)


IASC Update
Our new goal is to make skateboarding legal.

Industry News October 2000
Black Label takes on Deca, skateboarding is now a college course, and skaters land new sponsors.

Shoe Company News October 2000
Vans gives its original skatepark a facelift, and Airwalk launches Genetic.

Ten Shops, One Question
How do you place shop orders?

New Skateparks
See the latest here. See the rest at

Retailer Tips
Clear your desks, it’s time for another pop quiz.


Alloy Acquires CCS
Mega online marketing company buys skateboarding’s flagship mail-order business.

ESPN Expands Skateboarding Programs
X-Games go international with more contests and festivals.

Skate Retailers In The Lifestyle Market
Jeff Harbaugh is pretty sure we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Spring 2000 Retailer Survey Report
Shops report record growth.

Dwindle Distribution
Don’t let the name fool you.

Deep Roots In Poland
Poles have been using the word “skateboarding” for about twenty years.

Safety-Gear Standards
What guidelines are skate-pad makers following?

Midwest retailer forms triangle offense in Minneapolis.

Performance Tip System
Inventor licenses device to prolong deck life and improve performance.