TransWorld SKATEboarding Business Volume 15 Number 1

UK News

Buzz 15/1

Tim’s Biznass Sense

Popularity Extraordinaire – Nike’s got a strong skate program and a shoe skaters can’t get enough of.

Taking Baker – Baker Skateboards has two leaders with one idea

Ten Shops, One Question – How’s your “back-to-school” going?

Supreme Style Big In New York, Bigger In Japan

Strategic Planning – Question your most cherished assumptions.

Examining Savier – It is autonomous, independent, and unique.

Redline Entertainment

Skateboarding Though Corporate America -We are inefficient and proud.

Legal Tips

Strategic Planning – Question your most cherished assumptions.

Watching Shop – Shop videos are great for so many reasons.

Retailer Tips – David And Goliath

Public Skateboard Companies? – Glancing at skateboarding’s stock exchange

The LOVE Story – Philly skateboarders may get a second chance

ISPO – Bavarian Mayhem

IASC Update – Sex, Success, and Skateboarding

France News – France Market And Industry Report

One Step Beyond – 411VM’s new series of instructional videos is taking the concept to a new level

Chain Store Skateboards – What happens when kids can get skateboards at low, low prices?

Dekline On The Rise – A new brand heading in a new direction

Skateboarding Alive In Croatia

Big Money – Big corporations offer big ramps, and a big boost.

The Big Takeover – Corporate involvement pervades skateboarding

Consolidated Passion – A company that is whatt it is


Big Apple, Special Shop – Manhattan’s Autumn SkateShop loves art, skateboarding, and doing its own thing

Australia Update

ASR Enters Europe

Alternative Fabrics – Looking at another side ofsoftgoods manufacturing

88 Footwear – Photographer turned entrepreneur done good

Message from the Editor