TransWorld SKATEboarding Celebrates Twenty Years

Over 700 people showed up at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California to attend the twentieth-anniversary celebration for TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine on Friday, November 8, 2003.

You would be inclined to believe that the combination of free alcohol, hundreds of skateboarders, and a skatepark with a Combi Bowl, isn’t really a very wise combination.

Add to that a whole slew of bands blaring loudly; a fire-breathing chick; obnoxious punk-rock music; and all your favorite skateboarders, photographers, and sales reps.

Throngs of people began funneling into the skatepark at 7:00 p.m., resulting in a great turnout—especially considering that folks were forced to drive through awful traffic conditions during a freak Southern California rainstorm to attend the event.

The night was highlighted by an entertaining skate session in the Combi Bowl at the park. Among those seen skating were Charlie Thomas, Tony Alva, and Lance Mountain and son Lance Jr. Further attractions of the evening included live performances by Steve Caballero’s band The Faction, Duane Peters’ band the Hunns, and Steve Alba’s band Powerflex 5, along with a special appearance by Sten Guns (Lance Mountain, Lance Jr., Mark Waters, and Hago).

Other evening highlights included the massive Jà¤germeister ice sculptures through which gratis servings of the beverage were offered to those interested.

The party also featured a slide show presenting the work of staff photographers. Each guest at the event received a limited-edition commemorative poster, and VIP guests received an original copy of the first issue with Steve Caballero on the cover.TransWorld SKATEboarding was founded in 1983 by Larry Balma and Peggy Cozens in Oceanside, California. Now, 211 issues later, the party celebrated the efforts and contributions made by thousands of skateboarders, photographers, filmers, writers, designers, and companies over the years.

Event sponsors included Jà¤germeister, Grey Goose Vodka, Red Bull energy drink, Alcatraz Brewing Company, Café Tu Tu Tango, T.G.I. Friday’s, and Vans.