Trouble In Rome, Italy

A friend of ours, filmer Mark Nickels is facing possible jail time in Rome, Italy for, you guessed it, skateboarding. It seems a crazy street woman tried to grab Mark’s camera, broke it, then blamed the whole ordeal on him. He’s being charged with “Robbery with assault, and against a women in Italy” for simply trying to defend himself.Skaters beware of this crazy local if you’re headed on a skate trip to Italy soon.

From Mark: has already put up a story in regards to it in order to find help. We want to warn kids to watch out if they do decide to go to the spot to watch out for crazy people like her. We think she is a local at the pool and would try something like this again to other kids if the opportunity came back around. I just don’t want to see other kids have to deal with what Michael and I have gone through because of some crazy person.”