truth National Tour

truth RAMPS UP FOR FIFTH SUMMER NATIONAL TOURtruth Orange to Visit 32 States

Washington DC, May 26, 2004 – truth, the national youth smoking preventioncampaign, is preparing to launch its annual summer tour – “truth Orange”-targeting teenagers across the nation. The purpose of the tour is toconnect with young people in their own communities and counteract themarketing and manufacturing tactics of the tobacco industry. This year’sgrassroots initiative will travel across the country with the most heavilyattended summer tours ranging from the mainstream to the culturally diverse.Kicking off June 10th, this summer’s program will include participation atthe AND 1 Mix Tape Tour (22 stops) and the Vans Warped Tour (43 stops) andwill visit 69 cities in 32 states.

More than 17 truth crew members will participate, traveling with trademarkorange state-of-the-art truth trucks rigged with DJ decks, video monitorsand gaming systems. The truth crew will provide anti-tobacco messages incool settings, engaging in peer-to-peer communication.

Each stop will feature impromptu rap sessions, join-in free-style demos andgiveaways of popular truth gear including hats, t-shirts and sunscreendesigned exclusively for this year’s initiative. Scratch lessons will beavailable through the Scratch DJ Academy, a group of DJ’s who show newcomersthe fundamentals of DJ’ing, scratching and mixing music. Giveaway gear forthis year’s tour also includes a limited edition run of T-shirts designed bypop culture favorites Mr. Cartoon, Typestereo and Michael Leon.

Youth will also have the chance to star in their own anti-tobacco ad byvisiting the truth booth at the And 1 Mix Tape Tour where they will be ableto record a short self-expression video. The “spots” will be accessibleonline and can be e-mailed to friends and family members.

The summer program will roll out online at which receives approximately 400,000 visitors permonth. Users can learn about truth, meet truth crew members and DJ’s whowill be out on tour, and find out where upcoming events will be takingplace. Free tickets to events can also be won online. A truth radiocampaign, which will run in key tour markets, will also promote event stops.

In November 2003, the American Legacy Foundation released the results ofthe 2002 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS 2002), which found thatprevalence of current smoking among high school students declined about 18percent, from 28.0 percent in 2000 to 22.9 percent in 2002. The truthcampaign contributed to this decline. The American Legacy Foundation,which provides strategic direction and funding for the truth campaign, lastyear received what is likely its final payment from the National PublicEducation Fund established by the Master Settlement Agreement. Despite itssuccess, the truth campaign now faces a funding challenge, and the smokingrates of America’s youth may not stay at the lowest levels in 28 yearswithout truth. truth is needed to counter the 11.22 billion dollars the tobaccoindustry spent in 2001 to promote and market their products in the U.S.alone.

truth was launched in February 2000 and is the largest national smokingprevention campaign for youth. The campaign exposes the tactics of tobaccomarketing and allows teens to make informed choices about tobacco use bygiving teens the facts about the tobacco industry and its products. Thecampaign was developed by the American Legacy Foundation, which was createdas a result of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between the tobaccoindustry and 46 states.