Tuesday Newsday (Jan 31)

Sending truth to debunk the messageboard rumors: skateboardfacts.com will be here in April! Read on.

So It all sparked on one December night When Danny Way called me out of the blue and told me about how there is a need for a site that is 100 percent truth in the world of skateboarding. That there is too much tabloid news in skateboarding and not enough CNN or New York Times.  I agreed and Danny told me the name of his master plan www.skateboardfacts.com   We spent the next hour brain storming the lay out and how it should be and below me is what we both came up with.  

Synopsis   of  The skateboard facts Site.

Our mission is to deliver the pinnacle of truth no matter how convoluted, amazing, or simple it may be.    We are going to deliver and personify true journalism in a land of forked tongue and myth-filled lies known as the internet. We will act as a beacon of light to bring the truth.   

We wish to reach this goal by not burning any bridges and not being trapped alone on any islands of hate.  We need as many sources as we can get to keep the site current and to extinguish any gossip or misinformation that can spread like a flesh-eating bacteria through the web. Our main focus here is to educate skaters of every genre about where skateboarding has been ,where it is now, and where it is going to go.  We aim to eventually have an archive base from a to z of every pro and am skater that has ever lived, with a short bio and photos.   

Thank you for checking out skateboard facts .com sincerely, Nate Sherwood and The skateboard facts syndicate                 

Anyway the star is now born and we are set to launch in April. Just like any new stars in the solar system  we will need matter to build and feed off of so we can keep burning and keep the planets around us spinning .  We are going to do pod casts as well that will be viewed and read on www.ignition.tv with all sorts of other confidential data that will be able to be subscribed to.

Vans Video Podcasts

The new Vans video podcasts are available now to download on iTunes. You can watch them on your computer or download them onto your video iPod. The first three selections are the new Vans Girls spot, a new Tony Trujillo video spot and a highlight reel of the Vans Downtown Showdown. The podcasts are free and once you subscribe, new podcasts will automatically be downloaded as they go live. Check it.

Phoenix Am is Coming

C1RCA presents the 5th Annual PHXAM Skateboard Contest at a new location!  Skateboarders compete for over $5000 in prize money. Spectators get a chance to win a year’s supply of C1RCA shoes and many other prizes!

Peoria, AZ — April 1 & 2, 2006 — Rio Vista Skate Park will be home to the 5th Annual Phoenix Am Skateboard Contest presented by C1RCA for.  With the support of our sponsors: C1RCA, Zoo York, Nixon, Cowtown Skateboards, Zero, Bones, Royal, Ogio, FKD. PHXAM continues to get better each year.  The first 500 spectators through the gates on Saturday and Sunday will receive a free PHXAM t-shirt and a FREE ticket for the PHXAM Raffle.  The daily grand raffle prize is a one year supply of shoes from C1RCA Footwear.  Other raffle prizes include: skateboards, trucks, wheels, backpacks, hats, accessories of all kinds and much more.

More than 100 skateboarders from across the globe will compete for cash prizes of $2000 for 1st place, $1000 for 2nd place, and $500 for 3rd place.  The top 35 riders from the Qualifiers on Saturday will skate in the Eliminator round on Sunday.  All riders are automatically entered to compete in the Zoo York Best Trick contest held on Sunday after finals.  Zoo York Clothing will award a $2000 cash prize to the skateboarder that lands the best trick. The PHXAM contest will start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 1st, and 11:00 am on Sunday, April 2nd.  $5.00 general admission is charged at the ggate and concessions are sold within the park.  Rio Vista Skate Park is located at 8866 W. Thunderbird Rd. in Peoria, AZ.

Rieder on Mob Grip

Mob Grip is proud to welcome Dylan Rieder to the team.  Dylan currently resides to Southern California and rides for Alien Workshop, Vans, Spitfire, Thunder, Quiksilver, Mob Grip and Jack’s Garage.  Mob Grip TM Satva Leung had one thing to say about Mob’s newest addition. 

“Dylan just got the cover of Transworld… need I say more?”— Satva Leung

Justin Reynolds is the new Marketing/TM with Insight. Check their Web site to see footage from their freestyle freak Michael Heller.