Tum Yeto News Flash


Corey Duffel’s been chilling, working on his house in Nor Cal. It’s looking pretty sick with a view of the bay, red carpet, checkered tiles and everything.  The pimp house where all chicks are free.  The 88 video is scheduled to be out in Sept, look out for Corey’s new hair-do, it’s frightening.Corey also wanted everyone to check out his girlfriend’s band at www.farewelltoyouth.com

Gareth Stehr has just accepted a new clothing sponsor and is now a major player in The Amerikan Project.  Word is Gareth will be helping them design clothing.

Tony Silva is in Germany with Etnies.

Leo Romero dumped the Analog and is now rockin in the RVCA.

Mike Rusczyk has been working on web stuff, his site will be updated daily. Check it out at http://firehead.etuttle.com

Pig Wood

Steve Fauser has been swimming in Gina’s pool and doing front-side slasher grinds in it!

Charlie Castelluzzo just graduated high school!  Congrats.

Sammy Baca has joined the ranks of the clothing sponsored and now rides for The Amerikan Project.

The Pig Wood team is taking a little trip to Vegas this month, around the 24th-28th.  Look for Lizard and James on that one too.

Toy Machine

Toy Machine is out on the road, touring the US and filming for Good & Evil. 

Johnny Layton is starting to travel a bunch.  Right after he gets off the Toy Machine summer tour he’s heading out to China and Japan with Vans in July.


Don Nguyen just bought an M3.  It’s one nice Beemer, all leather and 5 on the floor.  Him and DJ Chavez and Greg are heading out to Oklahoma to support the TDS video premiere.  Hit some spots on the way.Don Nguyen also just wrapped up filming for The Lords of the Dogtown movie.  No release date known yet.

DJ Chavez has just accepted a new clothing sponsor and is a new part of The Amerikan Project.


Sammy Baca is officially on Dekline.  Congrats to Sammy! Web site has team Bio’s now www.dekline.com .