Tum Yeto Sails On!

Hollywood is the big news this month: The Captain has definitely left the ship and the sailors have taken over! The new Hollywood arrangement is going to be a unique one, because rather than having one captain, the entire Hollywood team is going to steer its own new course together. One big upcoming project the team is working on is the video; no name or date yet, but plans are in the works. We’re all excited to see what great things the Hollywood team can bring us next!

DJ Chavez is now officially on the team Congrats DJ! Hollywood welcomes DJ on as their newest AM, but there’s no time for celebration since DJ is off to Hawaii, to do some demos and some all around good promo.

Phil Ladjanski is clocking footy back home in Philly. He’s also gained some new sponsors: Indy, FKD bearings and Nike Flow.

James Atkin has been going on trip after trip. He just got back from Spain and is already cracking down on a couple of different projects. Watch for him in the upcoming Lightouts video and a Duffs trip in ON video, not to mention 2 magazine tour articles. Hell yeah James, rocking it steady!

New Hollywood site is in the works. Check out www.hollywoodskateboards.com right now for a peek into their new direction and a full team list.

Josh Harmony is out busting his ass.

Austin Stephens recently went on an Emerica road / demo trip to the East Coast, where he and the sick ass Emerica team showed a full frontal force. He’s currently nursing a rolled ankle and can’t wait to continue filming for the upcoming TM ‘Good and Evil’ video.

Billy Marks killed the Active Bling demo, doing kickflip lipslides with no problem.

Diego Bucchieri just got back from Spain where he and filmer Kevin Barnett were filming in Barcelona, getting some untapped good spots for the new Toy Machine video ‘Good and Evil.’

Ed Templeton is getting hurt, and working on his art show ‘The Prevailing Nothing’. Ed is very busy right now, that shit opened in LA last weekend!!!!

It’s officially official: JLAY is now a full-blown AM on Toy Machine. Watch out for Johnny ‘JLay’ Layton, this kid is blowing up. And oh yeah, he recently lost his virginity!

We’ve got some BIG news this Christmas! Toy Machine is proud to announce it is remastering its classic videos – HEAVY METAL, WELCOME TO HELL and JUMP OFF A BUILDING – into DVD format. Plus, we’re re-releasing Toy Machine’s first and most sought after video, LIVE. This special collection comes on a 3-disk DVD Boxed Set:

Disk One contains: LIVE and HEAVY METAL, together!

Disk Two contains: WELCOME TO HELL with extra special bonus footy of one un-named person who was supposed to have a part in the original release.

Disk Three contains: JUMP OFF A BUILDING in all its unmatchable classicness.

Check the attached flyer for more details! All three disks also sold separately, batteries not included. Look for these this Christmas in finer skateboard shops worldwide.


Corey Duffel is currently designing a signature pant with Sessions. You are always asking were to get Corey’s pants and now you can – get them through Sessions! He has finally taken his mad steez from the street and put it in a shop near you, and as Corey says. “it will be radical.”

The rest of the Foundation team is busily filming for the new full-length video, titled ‘That’s Life.’ Featuring arguably the best team Foundation has had yet, you can expect some great parts from established riders – Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu and Mike Rusczyk, plus some break out parts from the new up and coming AMs – Gareth Stehr, Leo Romero, Matt Allen and Angel Ramirez. This one, my friends, is going to kick some serious butt.


Patrick Melcher is starring in a video shoot for a Floggiing Molly video, skateboarding, cruising on his scooter, shooting pool, and doing his gig.

Gareth Stehr, apart from having a very creepy mustache, just turned 21!!!!!

Ben Gilley just moved back to Birmingham, Alabama for a little while…he’s still skateboarding all the time and hanging out at Faith Skate Shop.

Cyril Mountain, along with the rest of team, travelled to the Windy City of Chicago for a mini Halloween photo tour. On all Hallows eve the guys were at a ramp party on an indoor ramp somewhere outside the city. Ghostly skateboarding.


Adrian Mallory and Charlie Castelluzzo have been setting the haters straight, and both have parts in the new Pacific Drive video. Also in the video are clips from Shuriken Shannon. It’s a good video, worth checking out if you can get your hands on a copy. Try the PD site www.pacificdrive.com for a copy.


Pineapple and Shey have been seen sessioning with legendary skate photog Ted Terrebone at Clairemont. Couple of pics can be seen at www.sessions.com

Hackett and Pineapple are working hard on the new product line for Spring 2004. Rumor is a new shape and graphic from Pineapple is in the works.