Been wondering what Ty Evans’ next move is after finishing up Pretty Sweet and parting ways with the Girl/Chocolate camp? Well, here’s the press release:

Brain Farm Digital Cinema is proud to announce the addition of LA-based director, Ty Evans to their creative team. Ty will be directing a skateboard film, which is the latest in Brain Farm's lineup of high-end action sports entertainment. The skate film, yet to be named, is set for a 2014 release. With exotic global locations and a unique perspective on the sport and the athletes within it, this film will strive to break the mold of today's skate films. “The timing could not be better in the industry and Brain Farm’s resources will allow me to take my filmmaking to the next level," says Ty Evans. "I am really stoked for the future with Brain Farm!"

Brain Farm's entry into the sport of skateboarding has been a long work in progress. Most well known for their groundbreaking snowboard films That's It. That's All. and The Art of Flight, Brain Farm and CEO Curt Morgan have been looking for the right opportunity to make a skateboarding epic for many years now. "We love the sport of skate and its such an important part of board sports culture that Brain Farm is so passionate about", says Morgan. "Ty and I have been friends for quite awhile now and I could not have dreamed up a better situation than this. Ty is such a creative artist and he is hands down the best filmmaker in skate", says Morgan. Brain Farm will launch their #brainfarmskate brand later in 2013 with a website to follow.