United By Fate Releases Today

Globe’s UNITED BY FATE 3 Releases Today, Feb 22nd

Jake Duncombe and Matt Mumford are the follow-up features to Chris Haslam’s ground breaking Episode!

On Feb 22nd, The BLACK VAN takes to the streets as we close in on Jake Duncombe and Matt Mumford and the rest of the Globe skate team in the third installment of Globe’s UNITED BY FATE. With a flick of the switch the pursuit continues at www.globe.tv/unitedbyfate. As a follow-up to Paul Machnau’s freakishly burly Episode 1 and Chris Haslam’s MIND BOGGLING feature of Episode 2, this release has the been the talk of all skate message boards with wild speculation on just how ingenious Jake and Matt’s parts are going to be. You will NOT want to miss this film.

WHAT is the BLACK VAN and WHY is it CHASING them? The Globe skate team is on the run from a menace. It’s hard to know if this menace is the creation of their collective mindset or something even more dark and sinister. Will they make it out alive? WHERE is it taking THEM? Find out as Jake Duncombe, Matt Mumford, Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, Paul Machnau, Greg Lutzka, David Gonzalez and Rodney Mullen become UNITED BY FATE.

UNITED BY FATE is an episodic video experience consisting of individual film releases that viewers can enjoy full screen on their computers whenever they want, in full GLOBAL VISION. Episode 1 and 2 featuring Paul Machnau and Chris Haslam, have already viewed by over 1.4 million people online and over 6 million people on Television through Globe’s partnership with FUEL TV.

Episode 3 features Jake Duncombe and Matt Mumford and their skate parts can only be described as like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Jake and Matt and the rest of the Globe skate team kill it in this new installment as THE BLACK VAN continues its enigmatic pursuit This Episode premieres on FUEL TV’s skate @ 8 block in July 2008 and will be repeated for two months periodically after. Check your local listings.

Any and all of the UNITED BY FATE films can be watched for free in full GLOBAL VISION at Globe.tv/united-byfate. You can also learn more about the project and the Globe skate team here.

Transworld SKATEboarding is the media sponsor of this series and you can read all about UNITED BY FATE and the Globe team in upcoming issues throughout the next year.