United Skateboard Association’s (U.S.A) seventh season of amateur competitions.

United Skateboard Association (U.S.A.) and Zoo York Skateboards present U.S.A.’s seventh annual amateur skateboard competition series. The season began May 8 and 9 weekend at Warp Skatepark in Woodstock, Illinois and continues on June 12 and 13 at 885 Skatepark in West Mifflin (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania.

U.S.A. has been instrumental in setting the pace for amateur skateboarding events. Since 1998, U.S.A.’s Beast of The East Series has helped locate and develop a lot of top amateur talent. U.S.A. also hosts the GROM series that focuses on the less experienced skaters 13 and younger.

Part of the U.S.A.’s success has been attributed to fostering the growth within its target market — the Northeastern United States and partnering with series throughout North America.

For it’s 2003 championship U.S.A. invited fellow amateur contest series from around North America to be a part the championships, KC Projects (Eastern Canada), Hometown Rising (Midwest U.S.), Burning Across America (Southeast U.S.), Best of the West (Western U.S.), 316 (Mid-Atlantic), Pacific Northwest (Northwest U.S.), No Coast (Northern Midwest U.S.), Next Cup (Western U.S.), Rocky Mountain Skateboard Association, C.A.S.L (California Amateur Skateboard League, and more.

“This year is especially exciting for us because we ended last year with such a bang by working with the various contest series around North America, tells T. Eric Monroe, founder of U.S.A. “This year is also important because we’ve come a long way since 1998 and the skaters look forward to contest series weekends, these days it’s more of a communal event where everyone comes out to have fun skating. First place or last, the skaters come to have a good time and that’s what amateur skating is all about!

The U.S.A. has recently relaunched is website Unitedskate.com that has even more features for skaters and potential clients to check out. You can also check out the complete event schedule along with videos and photos from past events.