DC just posted some footage and a voice over of Nick Mullins explaining the tough tragedy he faced. Read more below.

We first met Nick Mullins out in Kettering, OH on June 21st 2008. DC was holding a “Go skateboarding day” best trick event at the DC plaza. There were definitely a few good kids, but Nick’s skating stood out most among all. Nick ended up winning the contest and taking a little money home with him. Being the level headed kid he is, with tons of love for skateboarding, we decided to start sending him shoes. A few months passed and we were planning the second annual King of LA contest. Since Nick took the cake at Kettering contest, we invited him to come skate in the King of LA contest, as well as stay for a few extra days and skate with the team. All of the footage was filmed in just a few days.

Last summer Nick entered a local contest in his hometown and took a good slam on his hip. What started out as an everyday hipper, escalated into a full blown staph infection. The doctor’s told his family that the infection had become life threatening and he basically had a 1% chance of survival. The infection completely destroyed the retina in his right eye, and did almost the same to left, but luckily the doctors were able to salvage what was left of it, so he is left with partial vision in his left eye. We are lucky to say that nick pulled through this nasty time of his life, and is finally getting back on his board, and that we proudly support him on his rough road to recovery.