UPDATE II: Skaters Vs. Portland Security

We’re sure you remember this security/skater beef in Portland, Oregon from last December. This just in from The Portland Mercury, the police have agreed with the private security firm not to write a report about the incident as it would look bad for the security guards.

“Police records relating to the incident show that Portland police officers decided, after consultation with the private security guards, not to write up a police report on the incident because the report would “not be in a favorable light” for the guards.

Pioneer Courthouse Square is patrolled by guards from Pacific Patrol Services, who are contracted by Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc., which leases the land from the Portland Parks Bureau. A day after the Mercury blogged about the incident, Parks commissioner Nick Fish released a statement saying the case would be referred to the district attorney. “Because it is currently under investigation,” said Fish, “I cannot comment further on this matter.”

Now, in August 2010, the district attorney still has not completed a grand jury process to decide whether or not to indict the private security guards: Dimitriy Kolombet, 20; Nicholas Jones, 22; and Jason Allen, 23. A month ago, the tentative grand jury date was cancelled because a witness for the guards was ill.

So what did the city cops do at the scene? Abrahamson spoke by cell phone with the security guards’ manager: “I told [Supervisor Michelle] Timfichuk that if the skateboarder had not engaged into mutual combat, I would have most likely arrested her security officer for assault,” he wrote in his December police report. In his notebook, he wrote: “It seems that the security guards overreacted and might be at fault of being the aggressor.”

The officer also stated, “I spoke with Hartshorn (a supervisor) privately, who is the shift supervisor for Pioneer Square Security. I informed Hartshorn of the incident and told him per Officer Holsti’s and my interviews, I believed his security officer had acted unprofessionally.” And, “I also told Timfichuk if I were to write a report it would most likely not be in a favorable light for Pioneer Square Security. Timfichuk said she would appreciate if I did not write a report at this time and stated Pioneer Square Security would handle the incident in-house.”

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