USA Teams Up With Transworld Media

Grassroots marketing team, United SkateboardingAssociation (USA) has partnered with action sports magazine publisher,Transworld Publishing, and urban streetwear manufacturer, Ecko Unlimitedto host The Beast of the East Amateur Championship II. Projectedaudience figures are 7,000 spectators, 150 regular contestants, and 20professional skaters. Editorial coverage from major skateboarding media will reach an estimated 400,000 readers.

This event, the final leg of the year’s Universal Styles Align ContestTour, a 5-month contest and event tour for amateur skateboarders, willbe held at Utopia Skate Park in Raleigh, NC, the country’s largestindoor skate park. Highlighting the weekend’s activities will beappearances by major recording artists, Wu-Tang Clan and proskateboarders, Tony Hawk, BMX Legend Matt Hoffman, and others.

The USA is currently promoting Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater as well asWu-Tang: Shaolin Style video games. Activision distributes both titlesfor the Sony PlayStation. Says USA’s T. Eric Monroe, “We are able to provide a unique marketing angle by bringing togetherthe alternative sports and music communities through a common medium.Thus providing a showcase for these video games at our tour events,skate parks, music industry events, and other action sports relatedaffairs. Our unique cross over approach allows for maximum exposure ofthe video games before they hit retail shelves.”

The USA has enjoyed a substantial history of skate park-relatedpromotional work. Our marketing strength has been concentrated on theEast Coast where we have represented clients such as candy marketinggiant, M&M Mars, clothiers, Nautica Sport Tech, and Rawkus Records, aNew York City-based hip-hop record label.

Our ability to reach the rapidly growing youth/action sports demographic sector is proven. USA’s marketing prowess will win you access to this highly influential but hard to reach subculture.

Please call us in regards to The Beast of the East tournament takingplace during the weekend of December 3rd: (732) 432-5400 x35 or check out the website @