USC Ledges Officially R.I.P?

Devin Lewis shot this photo today of the new skate-stopping renovations USC installed surrounding their famous ledges to once again try and keep skateboarders out.

Says Devin: “The city has decided to destroy the concrete sidewalk immediately adjacent to the ledges and in its place provide an intermediate zone of loose gravel that will disallow grinding of the ledges. This new design was advocated by the University of Southern California and received affirmation from the City of Los Angeles. Optimistically, perhaps now the captions beneath Koston’s photographs will read ‘gap to tailslide’ as a result of this new ground texture. The city has destroyed the inherent spirit of this location but what they will never understand is that we see it as just another obstacle.”

Though the spot will obviously never be the same, is it really completely unskateable??? Or just another step in the evolution of a historic spot??? Only time well tell.