Vans Announces U.S. Summer Tour Dates



Rowley, Caballero, Trujillo, Greco and Cohorts Rip through

West Coast June 13-24 and East Coast in Mid-August

Santa Fe Springs, CA (May 19, 2003) — They’ve been training. They’ve rested plenty. We’ve forced them to drink a lot of fluids. Now it’s time to hit the road. The Vans skateboard team, featuring the world’s best street skaters including Geoff Rowley, Steve Caballero, Tony Trujillo and Jim Greco, is currently tearing through Europe and hits the States for a West Coast swing June 13 through June 24 before resuming in the East Coast August 15 through August 27. Vans’ “Pleased to Meet You” skateboard tour is the most ambitious skate trek put together in Vans’ 37-year history with more than 15 riders taking part and the team hitting more than 35 cities in eight countries.

“Pleased to Meet You” 2003 Vans Skateboard Tour

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West Coast

6/13-6/14 Phoenix

6/15 Del Mar, CA

6/16 Oceanside and Temecula, CA

6/17 Huntington Beach, Buena Park & Orange, CA

6/18 N. Hollywood and Granada, CA

6/19 Reno

6/20 San Francisco, Berkeley & Milpitas, CA

6/21 Santa Cruz/Redwood City, CA

6/24 Portland, OR

East Coast (full schedule TBA)

8/15 Sarasota, FL

8/16 Tampa and Tarpon Springs, FL

8/17 Orlando

8/18 Jacksonville

8/19 Atlanta

8/21 Raleigh, NC

8/22 Virginia Beach

8/24 Washington, DC

8/25 Philadelphia and West Chester, PA

8/26 Moorestown & Point Pleasant, NJ

8/27 New York City




Slated for a Meet-n-Greet or a Demo at a Skate Shop Near You:

Steve Caballero: a living legend, Cab has been a mainstay in the skate world over the past 20 years. An original member of the Bones Brigade, Cab is one of a few skaters who can lay claim to having tricks named after them a la the Caballerial.

Geoff Rowley: one of the most influential and recognizable skaters in the world, Geoff was named the 2000 Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year.

Tony Trujillo: The 2002 Thrasher Skater of the Year, this 19-year-old ripper with unmistakable style and charisma turned the skate world on its ear with his part in the skate video “In Bloom” and dominance in contests in 2002.

Jim Greco: No one throws down hammers like Greco. The kid has been on fire and this is a great chance to see him live and in person.

John Cardiel: John Cardiel has no fear. Or at least that’s how he makes it look to the rest of us. He became famous within the skating world in 1992 when he became Thrasher Skkater of the Year and was filmed ollieing a beach gap at San Francisco beach.

Plus: rippers Bastien Salabanzi, Dustin Dollin, Ethan Fowler, Scott Kane, Darrell Stanton, Flo Marfaing, Evan Hernandez, Jeremiah Vance, Van Wastell, Terry Kennedy and special guests. (not all skaters will be at every stop)