Vans Downtown Showdown Results

Girl Claims 2nd Annual Vans Downtown Showdown Team Title

Real’s Nick Dompierre Named Top Am and Girl’s Rick McCrank Top Pro of Day

The 2nd Vans Downtown Showdown was held on the Paramount Studios back lot Sunday with the world’s topstreet skaters attacking custom-built obstacles nestled against a New York City backdrop. The Girl board crew claimed team honors and $50,000 while Real’s Nick Dompierre won $5,000 as top am and Girl’s Rick McCrank was named the top pro of the Showdown and pocketed $10,000.

The Vans Downtown Showdown featured many skaters who rarely take part in contests from Baker, Birdhouse, Element, Enjoi, Foundation, Girl, Real and Toy Machine and with the $85,000 purse, there was more than just board company honor on the line.

Each skateboard team submitted designs for a custom obstacle with the top four chosen and built to that team’s specifications. Skateboard teams then chose three riders, consisting of at least one pro and one am, to jam on each of the four features.

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Here’s a break down of the best performances of the day:

enjoi Dick Guantlet
1. Rick McCrank (Girl) $2,500
2. Dennis Busenitz (Real) $1,500
3. Alex Olson (Girl) $1,000

Element Double Down
1. Corey Duffel (Foundation) $2,500
2. Nyjah Huston (Element) $1,500
3. Josh Harmony (Toy Machine) $1,000

Girl Mini Mega
1. Nick Dompierre (Real) $2,500
2. Rick McCrank (Girl) $1,500
3. Mike Vallely (Element) $1,000

Real Hella Hyphy Bank
1. Josh Harmony (Toy Machine) $2,500
2. Mike Vallely (Element) $1,500
3. Corey Duffel (Foundation) $1,000

Top Am Performance — Nick Dompierre (Real) $5,000

Top Pro Performance — Rick McCrank (Girl) $10,000

Overall Team Winner — Girl ($30,000), Toy Machine 2nd ($15,000), Element 3rd ($5,000)

A big thanks to each of the teams that represented:

Baker: Rammy Issa, Jacob Walder, Theotis Beasley, Braydon Szafranski

Birdhouse: Matt Ball, David Loy, Justin Figueroa, Derek Burdette, Shaun Stultz

Element: Mike Vallely, Chris Senn, Tony Tave, Dallas Rockvam, Collin Provost, Levi Brown, Tosh Townend, Nyjah Huston

enjoi: Cairo Foster, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Jerry Hsu, Jose Rojo, Caswell Berry, Clark Hassler

Foundation: Angel Ramirez, Corey Duffel, Mike Franklin, Matt Allen, Sean Conover, Don Nguyen, Gareth Stehr

Girl: Rick McCrank, Jereme Rogers, Sean Malto, Alex Olson, Kenny Anderson

Real: Dennis Busenitz, Ernie Torres, Nick Dompierre, Justin Brock, Damian Bravo

Toy Machine: Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Austin Stephens


The Vans Downtown Showdown will air on Friday, October 27 during the Vans Off the Wall hour on Fox Sports Net from 3 — 4 pm with subsequent airings on the FUEL action sports network.