Vans Downtown Showdown

What it is: An invite-only, team vs. team, contest where the teams get to design the obstacles.
Purse: 85 Gs
Date: Sunday, September 4 – Monday, September 5, 2005 (Practice is Sunday and the Contest is Monday)
Location: Universal Studios, CA
Below are the teams that have been invited by Vans:
Baker – Dollin, Reynolds, Herman, and Antuan
Birdhouse – Sumner, Nesser, Suski, and Goemann
Real – Torres, Busenitz, Trujillo, and ?
Girl – Koston, Carroll, Rogers, and ?
Plan B – Rodriguez, Stanton, Gallant, and ?
Toy Machine – Layton, Marks, Harmony, and Bennett
Foundation – Duffel, Fowler, Romero, and Ramirez
Zero – Thomas, Allie, Cole, and ?
Alien Workshop – ?
Almost – ?