Vans Officially Welcomes Jason Dill

"I wear Vans for skating. I can't skate in anything else."- Jason Dill, 1994 (Interview, Big Brother Magazine, Issue #15)
You've seen him in the van and out on missions with Vans for a bit now, but Steve Van Doren and the entire Vans team would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome back the incomparable Jason Dill to the Vans Pro Skate family [Vans was his first shoe sponsor back when he was like, eleven]. To herald this magnificent news, we're christening our formal alliance with a full week of in-depth and exclusive Dill content on-line. Yesterday, Vans posted every single one of Jason Dill's skate interviews over the past two decades, and today Vans presents Jason's Alien Workshop ad archive, with nearly two dozen of Dill's Alien ads spanning 14 years. Be sure to check out Jason's Vans team page and check back often for something else new every day this week. Who knows, you might even learn something about Jason you never knew.

"Fuck. It's about time."- Anthony Van Engelen

"What did you say his name was again? I'm sorry. I just can't keep up with all these new kids coming up these days."- Jeff Grosso

"Video? What video?! Wait...nobody ever told me anything about a Vans video!"- Jason Dill