Vans announced that professional team skaters Geoff Rowley and Alan Petersen are currently developing new shoe designs for their upcoming signature models.

Twenty-three year old Geoff Rowley is known worldwide for his technical mastery of street skating. Born in Liverpool, England and currently residing in Huntington Beach, California, Geoff enjoys listening to bands like Fugazi and The Jam. Geoff leads a vegan lifestyle and likes hiking in order to see wild animals in their own environment. As a result, Geoff’s signature shoe, which will be available in Spring 2000, will be comprised of all synthetic materials. Geoff will be taking the classic, ‘Old Skool’ style Vans shoe and update it by making it more functional for today’s demanding street skaters. Geoff’s accomplishments include winning the 1997 MTV Sports & Music Festival and consistently placing in the top 10 of the world’s biggest skate contests. In addition to Vans, Geoff rides for Flip, Volcom, Fury, and CCS.

Alan Petersen is one of the best all around skaters in the sport. Alan can tear up any street course, vert ramp, or bowl you throw in his way. Therefore it’s only fitting that his debut signature shoe from Vans will be designed for the rider who skates everything – a basic, yet extremely functional shoe. Alan’s signature model is also scheduled to be released in Spring 2000. Twenty-six year-old Alan has been a pro skater for over 10 years and currently resides in Santa Cruz, California. Alan is also a consistent top 10 finisher in skateboarding contests around the world and when he’s not on his board, he enjoys watching NASCAR and traveling to Australia. Alan’s sponsors include Vans, Consolidated, Volcom, Thunder, and Spitfire.