Vans Triple Crown, Cleveland Results

The second stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding, the Mountain Dew National Championships took place June 2 – 4 at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where Bob Burnquist and Tyrone Olsen took first place in vert and street, respectively.

Adding to his list of Vans Triple Crown victories, Bob Burnquist took home another first-place finish in Sunday’s vert competition after his victory at the first stop of the Triple Crown, Slam City Jam. Burnquist edged out Bucky Lasek, Colin McKay, and a host of other competitors to take the 7,000-dollar prize. To top it off, Burnquist also took first and an additional 500 bucks during the best trick competition, where he stuck a backside 360 rock and roll and a backside 360 five-0 grind to revert. “Two down, one to go,” he said following his run. “I was pretty tired after skating both street and vert. But by the third run, whatever happened was all good. It was tough out there. Bucky, Colin, Andy … everyone wants it. I was just having fun.”

In the street competition, Triple Crown newcomer Tyrone Olsen upset the field by lighting up the course. Olsen beat out Tony Trujillo and Kerry Getz to earn his well-deserved 7,000-dollar first-place prize money. Similar to the vert competition, Olsen also won the best-trick competition with a backside five-0, backside nosegrind, and a feeble grind–all down the big 10-stair rail. “I did it with a smile on my face,” said Olsen after his win. “I was just happy to skate the course. It was just friends out there, and everything came together for me. I had a good time in Cleveland.”

In the women’s competition, Cnaan Omer narrowly defeated Amy Caron and Jessie Van Roechoudt to take the win and 1,000 dollars in the street competition. “The girls ripped,” said Omer. “Amy had a good run and everyone had a good time. That’s the best part.”

“We always have a good time handing out 45,000 dollars,” said Steve Van Doren, Vans’ vice president of events and promotions. “It was good to see some new faces at this event trying for their share of the pie. We can’t wait until the finals in Oceanside to see the level of skateboarding that will take place in the quest for the Ford Ranger truck and the 2,500-dollar bonus.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was also host to a special concert by the Supersuckers on Friday evening. Hundreds turned up for the free show and to check out the exhibits at the Rock Hall. In addition, an on-site public street course at the event gave local Cleveland skaters a place to ride as well. For $3, skaters could ride the banks, ramps, rails, and ledges during two-hour sessions throughout the weekend. Vans donated the proceeds from this skatepark, totaling over 2,400 dollars, to a Cleveland public-skatepark fund.

Thanks to continued sponsorships and support, Vans has increased the overall prize purse of the skateboarding series by over 67,000 dollars to an unprecedented 217,500 dollars. And to continue to establish the Vans Triple Crown as the premiere events in skateboarding, the overall men’s points champion at the conclusion of this year’s Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding will receive a brand new 2000 Ford Ranger and the overall women’s points champion will receive an additional 2,500 dollars. A special points system will equalize the points earned from each discipline, and at the completion of the Vans/PlayStation World Championships of Skateboarding, each winner will be announced. The Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding is sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding and points from each stop of the tour count towards the overall WCS North American rankings and WCS World rankings.

The first stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding, Slam City Jam, was held May 5 – 7 in Vancouver, Canada. Ryan Johnson took home 7,000 dollars and first-place honors in the street competition while Burnquist also won 7,000 dollars for his win on the vert ramp. In the women’s division, Cnaan Omer skated away with $1,000 for her sttreet win while Candy Hiler won 1,000 dollars for her first-place finish on the vert ramp. The final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding, the Vans/PlayStation World Championshipsof Skateboarding, will take place October 6 – 8 in Oceanside, California.