Vince Del Valle & Lem Villemin on Adidas

Adidas fortified their amateur squadron today in a big way: Vince Del Valle and Lem Villemin. That’s right, no more puny flow boxes for these two. Read on for the official press release from the Brand With Three Stripes…

For immediate release
September 5, 2007

adidas bumps Vince del Valle and Lem Villemin up to its Skateboarding Am Team

Portland, OR – adidas is proud to welcome Vince del Valle and LemVillemin as the newest amateur team riders to join its Skateboardingroster.

Armed with amazing skill, and emerging talent, these two former flowteam riders have stepped up to join adidas Skateboarding’s Am team thatcurrently includes: Dave Bachinsky, Nestor Judkins and Benny Fairfax,along with Pro’s Mark Gonzales, Tim O’Connor and Dennis Busenitz.

adidas Skateboarding Team Manager, Bryce Kanights says, “Together, Vinceand Lem represent the technical and the gnar side of skateboarding inone explosive package. They’re the perfect compliment to a diverse teamof talent that we’ve been building. Their distinctive styles trulyreflect solid, progressive skateboarding at the root level without allof the trends, jewelry and hype.” Kanights adds, “When you see these twoguys skate, you quickly take notice.”

Preparing to move from his Seattle area home to the warmer, year-roundclimate of Long Beach, California, del Valle says, “I love shreddingwith the adi dudes! There’s good vibes and great skating running throughthe veins of Tim, Dennis, Gonz, Bachinsky, Lem, Nestor, Benny and theentire crew. It feels good to be a part of the adidas Skateboardingprogram.”

Vince’s other sponsors include: Crimson skateboards, Hurley, Destructotrucks, and Bones wheels.

Stuttgart, Germany’s young phenom, Lem Villemin has emerged as awell-known face on the European skate scene for a few years now and he’sjust begun to make a name for himself in the States. With an upcomingsix-month return visit to America planned for this fall, Lem is psychedto take advantage of the favorable weather and some of the better skatespots with his friends and teammates. Lem states, “I’m stoked to be partof the adidas Am team. Everyone is so different, unique and original.For over four years I’ve been skating in adidas shoes and they continueto get better and better.”

Lem’s other sponsors include: Plan B skateboards, Matix clothing,Oakley, Silver trucks, and Hall Eleven Skateshop.

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