Volcom Skate Team News

Volcom SKATE TEAM NEWS 12/13/04

It has been a busy month for the Volcom skate team. Mark Appleyard, Darrell Stanton, Caswell Berry and Aaron Suski just returned from a two week trip to Panama and Peru. The trip was good and we found a lot of unique new spots that you will see in an upcoming issue of TransWorld. If you haven’t heard Suski is now pro for Birdhouse and is busy filming for their upcoming video. In other video news, Caswell has been filming for the upcoming enjoi video while Darrell and Dennis Busenitz have been filming for an upcoming Real video.

After a three month invasion of the states, all of the Australians have finally departed back to their homeland. Dustin Dollin, Shane Cross, Lewis Marnell, and Joe Pease flew back to Australia last month. Their leaving was so apparent, that we decided to do a last minute trip to Australia to have more fun with the crew. Remy, Volcom’s TM flew over with Javier Sarmiento, Darrell Stanton, Dennis Busenitz, and Alain Goikoetxea to enjoy some of the fine summer weather down under. Word has it that everybody is skating hard and getting lots of shots. Oh yeah, don’t forget to go out and get the new almost video, Ryan Sheckler has quite a tasty part in it.

Tuesday, November 30th 2004 signified the day coexistence was reached with “The Volcom Brothers Skatepark in Mammoth Lakes, California. After almost 2 years of planning and overwhelming support from the Mammoth Lakes community and ski area, as well as the snowboard and skateboard communities, the dream of Mammoth’s first skatepark is now a reality. The park is being built in the memory of long time team rider and professional snowboarder, Jeff Anderson. The Volcom Brothers Skatepark is being built by Grindline, expect it to be excellent.

Chichagof the Hook, the special edition dvd is in stores now. It is packed full of extra features; there is a 30 minute clip of Mark Appleyard, Dustin Dollin, and Geoff Rowley sitting around watching Chichagof and commenting on it from start to finish that proves to be absolutely hilarious. Mark Appleyard makes his documentarty debut in the Hook with a film he created from start to finish, welcome to “Apple’s Yard”. Other bonus features include the groms in Miami… never underestimate teenagers and fireworks. There is footage of the team skating inside the Volcom Skatepark, as well as bonus parts by Grant Taylor and Ben Krahn. There is also an episode of Fuel TV on the World Premiere of Chichagof at Volcom. Last but not least, the new DVD has an improved soundtrack with Pink Floyd, and comes along with a 48 page book documenting the many trips that went into making Chichagof.

We are proud to announce Volcom Stone’s $10,000 Mini Ramp Nutstravaganza. That’s right, we are hosting a pro mini ramp contest at the 2005 Surf Expo in Orlando Florida, January 8th of next month. This is the first major pro mini ramp contest on US soil in over a decade. Stay tuned for next months carnage in Orlando.