Volcom’s Mini-Ramp Jam, C1RCA News

Volcom’s $20,000 Mini-Ramp Jam

What is it?

A $20,000 Surf Expo Mini-Ramp Jam Presented by Volcom in association with SPoTlight Productions

Where and when?

Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida: September 16 – 18, 2005

Prize money breakdown?

Pro Purse Am Purse

Place Loot Place Loot
1 $5,000 1 $500
2 $4,000 2 $400
3 $3,000 3 $300
4 $2,000 4 $200
5 $1,000 5 $100
6 $900
7 $800
8 $700
9 $600
10 $500
$20,000 Total Prize Purse

Friday – Practice

Saturday – Pro Contest

Sunday – Am Contest


And now they’re back! After a long July month covering most of the great land called Europe, the C1RCA team is now back home. So what now, down time, vacation, zoning out to daytime soap operas? Nope. Not these boys. They are picking up right where they left off. With some businesses and schools closed for summer break it makes a perfect atmosphere for long hassle free filming missions for the upcoming C1RCA Video project. Most are glad to be back in the comforts of their own beds but it’s safe to say Europe will be missed by the boys.


Colt Cannon was home for a mere 24 hours before he headed up to skate camp for a day and then slipping over to San Francisco to meet the rest of the Element team. Not much time to rest at all for old Colt.

Adrian Lopez hopped right back into his old schedule of carefully juggling the time consuming task of filming a full length C1RCA video part and running Mystery. Good thing he’s an early riser.


Jon Allie came home to his collection of cars and most importantly his recently rebuilt prized Chevy Nova. With a deadline nearing he had to get serious and shoot his first ever Pro shoe ad. We can all only speculate what Allie has in store. Something special no doubt.


Hurting his ankle on the last Real tour, Peter Ramondetta is at home in San Francisco nursing his wounds. He ended up missing out on the entire C1RCA vs. Europe tour but is feeling better and competed at Slam City Jam in Vancouver at the end of the month.


As for the ams it seems like a wild couple of months for the lot of them. Windsor James spent some time off at home in Colorado, and has now arrived safely in SoCal to join up with the C1RCA team and Lee Dog, to film for the upcoming C1RCA video. Grant Patterson is in Toronto and will soon be out in Vancouver for Slam City Jam to film and attend the contest. After which it looks like Grant will be spending some time in southern California to skate with the rest of the am squad and work on his part in the new video.


Dennis Durrant is in Seattle with the Popwar crew for the next few weeks, after which he’ll be heading south to Cali to celebrate his 21st birthday on September 12th. Sierra Fellers stopped off in Montana to spend time with his family and regroup before skipping to the west coast to film. The kid has big plans and judging by his recent attack on Europe, enough skill to see those plans through.


Sierra also competed in Slam City Jam along with teammate Tony Tave who is feeling a bit more comfortable back in his natural surroundings of Orange County, California. Sure to be one of the biggest surprises once the video drops, Tony is planning to give you all a sneak peak by unleashing an interview due out in a couple months. For more team updates and video of the Euro tour, check out www.c1rca.com