Walker Ryan Vs. UCSD

Do NOT try to skate UCSD…

One of the bonus features of the Zach & Walker's Concrete Jungle video has been posted at the Organika site. No slows, deknobbed spots, and kickouts, it's easy to see why Walker is UCSD approved.

Around the halfway point of Walker filming his part in Concrete Jungle, a pattern started to emerge. Seeing at 80% of the spots he had filmed on all were on his campus, the running joke became to finish his part where it began, UCSD. After all was said and done, seemed only right to make a special bonus edit in the video of all UCSD. Here it is, Walker's UCSD edit.

FYI: Walker rarely skates there anymore, as all the campus police know him and make a point of manhunting Walker at all spots on Campus. If you go there, be careful, they are getting pretty mean.