WCS Europe Summer Tour 2003 Dates


World Cup Skateboarding is happy to announce the annual Europe Summer Tour 2003, featuring the 4 countries of Czech Republic, England, Denmark and Germany. Please read on and check the WCS web site: www.wcsk8.com or the Event web sites for updated information.

Summer Tour Stops:

1. Mystic Cup, Prague, Czech Republic — July 4 — 6, 2003. $30,000 purse.

The Mystic Cup is celebrating its 10th year. A long time favorite event for many skaters. All new street and vert ramp. Remember, Prague experienced some major flooding last year and the whole skaterpark was under water. The locals from the Mystic Skate shop promise you the event and party of your life. If you have never been, you owe to yourself to go. Open WCS Points Event. Qualifier for Gravity Games, one spot for street and vert. Entry Fee: $100 for single event or $150 for 2. For more info: http://mysticsk8cup.cz

2. Action Sports Retailer, Anglet, France — Vert and Street Demos – July 6 — 8, 2003.

The first time for ASR in Europe, taking place in Angler, France. That means we’re on the beach, sun, fun, surf, etc. Vert and Street Demos. Contact Don Bostick — don@wcsk8.com

3. Armageddon — Birmingham, England — July 11 — 13, 2003. $60,000 Purse.

WCS is happy to be working with Tony Magnusson and Osiris on this new event. Taking place at the Birmingham skatepark not far from London, England. Dave Duncan has made some modifications to the park for this event. Special events include: Deathbox skateboards presents the Masters of Skateboarding vert comp. Independent Trucks presents the $1000 Bloody mayhem of trick auction. Big Brother Skateboarding Magazine presents the “kill yourself open Wallride competition. Qualifier for Gravity Games, 1 spot for street and vert. For more info: http://www.armageddoncup.com

4. Scandinavian Open, Copenhagen, Denmark — July 18 — 20, 2003. $50,000 Purse.

This will be the third year for this event, which has already established it’s self as the event, not to miss. Rune Glifberg and the boys from Alis invite all to experience Copenhagen. It is an Open Points Event. Is a qualifier for both the X Games and Gravity Games (1 sport each for street and vert) For online registration and more info: http://www.scandinaviaopen.org/

5. Globe World Championships, 22nd Monster Mastership, Dortmund, Germany – July 25 — 27, 2003. $70,000 Purse.

The World Championships of Skateboarding, featuring the top skaters from around the world, 22nd year and still going strong. It is an Invitational event check web site for qualified list of skaters. Includes Street , Vert, Legends Vert and High Air. It is a Qualifier for X Games(2 spots vert and 1 for street) and Gravity Games (2 spots for street and vert.) For complete details and info check: http://www.mastership.de

Other upcoming WCS events:

Philips Fusion Soul Bowl — Huntington Beach, CA — August 1 —3, 2003

X Games — Staple Center, Los Angeles, CA — August 13 — 17, 2003

Gravity Games, Cleveland, Ohio — September 10 — 14, 2003

Vans Triple Crown Finals — Oceanside, CA — September 25 — 28, 2003

West 49, Canadian Open, Toronto, Canada — October 3 — 5, 2003