Wes Kremer On DC Shoes

You’ve seen plenty of the Sk8mafioso’s footy every Saturday on skateboarding.com, and perhaps his interview in this year’s Am Issue. But we’re not taking all the credit for our homey Wes Kremer‘s jump to DC Shoes--dude’s shreddery is no joke. Don’t believe us? Feast on his Welcome To DC video.


This week the DC Skate program is proud to officially announce a new member to the amateur team: Wes Kremer. Visit dcshoes.com for the goods on Wes, including photos and bio on his team page plus a new video with Wes footage.

Born and raised in San Diego, Wes just graduated from high school. Skateboarding-wise, he's a product of his environment--influences like Cardiel and Penny, laid back S.D. style, and afternoon sessions and skate P.E., strangely, to dial his skating.

Though just officially announced as a team member this month, he's been traveling and skating with the DC team for nearly a year now.

While you're flipping through this month's mags look for Wes' welcome ad... or ads, more appropriately. Each of the three major skate publications feature a different sequence, so watch out for 'em all.

Check out a welcome video edit of Wes at skate.dcshoes.com. Posted this morning to go along with his new ad(s), it's not only Wes' official welcome to the am team, but also your best way to get familiar with him if you don't know Wes or his skating yet.

Welcome Wes! Stay tuned... we'll have more on the new skate team addition next week.