What’s Going On At Powell Wheels?

Powell has been reorganizing its urethane program, and introduced a new truck bushing and dual-durometer wheel at ASR. Hard Core Bones Bushings combine a rigid, glass filled hardcore urethane center with softer Bones urethane around it. This dual-durometer combination of urethanes is designed to provide quicker response, better centering, and smoother turning.

Bones now come with an easy-to-read color stamp on the back of each wheel to help skaters know which Bones formula they are buying: Blue Dot is the Mini Logo formula; Red Dot is faster, smoother, and longer lasting; Gold Dot is Bones’ premium, clear formula.

The first Bones dual-durometer skateboard wheel, Bones HardCores is the result of two years of development. The HardCore hub is precision molded of high rebound, fiberglass-reinforced, extra-hard urethane, and is designed to spread weight across the bearings and the wheel tread, which translates into a faster, smoother ride. Bones HardCores are available in 54 and 56 mm sizes, and 97A or 101A Red Dot Bones urethane.

In other powell news, Bones introduced a reengineered bearing technology for competition skating. Bones Ceramics consist of U.S.-made, solid, silicone-nitride ceramic balls, a high-speed synthetic ball retainer, and the Bones competition-proven Swiss polished-steel races. This combination of components is designed to provide less rolling resistance for greater speed and lighter weight for faster acceleration. Bones still offers its popular China Bones Reds and Swiss Black Shield bearings as well.