Win Tickets to The DC Video Premiere

It’s official: the name of DC’s first video is The DC Video, a fitting titlethat is both simple and straightforward. Says director Greg Hunt: “DC has adiverse team with a rich skateboarding history. The name of the video has tohave the same impact. The simplicity of the name The DC Video is what makesit so strong.” The video’s name was inspired the moment Greg sawphotographer Jon Humphries’ photo of Danny Way’s backside 5-0 on acrane-elevated box on DC’s Super Ramp, shot last year. Says DC president KenBlock: “Jon’s photo symbolizes what DC Shoes and The DC Video are all about.Danny was the first DC athlete, and helped build the foundation of thecompany. Both his trick and the location represent DC’s commitment topushing technical skateboarding in new directions.”

Continues Block: “The DC Video will be very different from most recent skatevideos because of the diversity of the team. We have a huge range ofskateboarding types, from Stevie (Williams) to Danny (Way). All our ridershave been working really hard on this project, and it shows. People aregoing to be really surprised, from Stevie’s style to how raw Anthony gets toDanny’s part, which is on a whole new level. Danny’s got an entire vert partalready done, plus some “special” footage that is going to change the waypeople look at skateboarding. Danny just won the TransWorld award for VertSkater of the Year, and his part isn’t even out yet! People are going totrip on Danny for years after this one.”

The selection of the video’s name represents the end of the principal phaseof production, as post-production begins and the premiere is roughly 22 daysaway. The name has been secured, the world premiere location is set, andNorth American and global premiere tours have been cemented. But don’t tellthat to Greg.

“I’m going to be sleeping, eating and thinking this video for the next threeweeks,” he says. “The majority of the team has most of their footage in, sonow all that remains is editingFor the next few weeks, Greg will be sleeping less and less, with one datecircled on his editing suite’s wall calendar: June 19. That’s when The DCVideo is set to premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.Shortly after, the DC team and The DC Video embark on a North American andworldwide premiere tour.

Where and when is the video going to premiere?
North America
Los Angeles < Thursday, June 19, Grauman's Chinese Theatre
San Francisco < Saturday, June 21, Bimbo's 365 Club
Vancouver, BC < Tuesday, June 24, The Vogue
Chicago < Thursday, June 26, Park West
New York City < Friday, June 27, Roseland Ballroom

Some locations to TBA.
London < Tuesday, July 1, Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square
Barcelona < Thursday, July 3, Base Nautica
Biarritz < Sunday, July 6, Le Colisee
Zurich < Tuesday, July 8
Frankfurt < Thursday, July 10, IMAX Cinema
Moscow Tokyo < Tuesday, July 15, Club Harlem, Shibuya
Sydney < Thursday, July 17

Do I need tickets to get in?You don’t need tickets to get in. Admission is on a first-come, first-servebasis. There are general admission tickets. People with these tickets will beadmitted BEFORE people without tickets.

Where do I get a general admission tickets?
Visit a participating DC retailer. The only way to get general admissiontickets is to enter a contest at your local skate shop.

What happens if my local shop isn’t having a contest, and I don’t get aticket?
If you don’t get a ticket, show up no later than an hour before show timeand get in line. Once all the general admission ticket holders are admitted,the remaining seats will be given to the public. But there will be only alimited number of seats left, and once they’re filled, that’s it.

When is showtime?
The video will be starting at 8:30 p.m., all venues.

No, really, when will the video be starting?
The video will be starting at 8:30 p.m. on the nose, which means you shouldshow up early to get a seat. Laggers get left.

Tired of waiting in lines at video premieres? Let DC give you special accesson the red carpet next to the DC team at the Hollywood premiere of The DCVideo. Enter the “Red Carpet Access” Giveaway to win two “Red Carpet Access”tickets for you and a friend. The tickets will get you up close and personaland into the show before general admission ticketholders.

To enter, visitparticipating DC retailers and complete all required entry information,limit one entry per person. One hundred winners will be drawn randomly andnotified by phone. Tickets will be distributed at will-call between 5 and 7p.m. at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on the day of the premiere, June 19.