Samantha Chami’s Work In Skateboarding Website is 9 days away from the end of the fundraising campaign and thanks to a lot of generous donations, it’s managed to raise $4500! It still needs an additional $3500 for the campaign to reach it’s goal.

If you would like to donate there is still time, perks for your donation include:
  • $200 Donation enables you to choose one of the 16×20 prints that Dave Chami, Joe Brook and Kyle Camarillo have donated. Images of these prints below
  • $150 Donation give you an Associate Producer credit and a smaller 9×12 print from Dave Chami
  • $100 Gives you an associate producer credit on all the videos
  • $50 Donation gives you an LRG DVD plus gift DVD package
  • $25 Enables you to gift a DVD to a school or youth organization of your choice
The link to the campaign where you can make a donation and find out more information is here.

Ben Gore print by Dave Chami

Rodrigo TX print by Kyle Camarillo

Mike Anderson print by Joe Brook